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When You start a project make sure you have the right tools

When you start a project you have to make sure you have the right tools to complete the task.  It’s spring and a time that most people start their gardening tasks of weeding, fertilizing and planting to ensure the perfect garden.  Although divorce is not a project one looks to undertake, you want to make sure that when the job is done you had the right tools in place to flourish. 

In a litigated case, the attorneys battle it out to make sure that there is only one winner, and since both parties want to “win,” the case often gets settled in court by the judge.  The judge doesn’t care that you’ve nurtured the family with love and support, or nurtured the family by means of support.  If it’s a dollars and cents decision, you can be sure that no one will be happy with the outcome. 

In a Collaborative divorce, you can both express your desires and interests for wanting a specific outcome.  You help craft the decision.  But more importantly, you have a team of advisors that help to nurture and guide you in the process so that when the divorce is finalized you have specific tools to move forward and flourish.

The Mental Health professional is a neutral that helps you craft the parenting plan that best suits the needs and schedules of you and your children.  This professional helps you learn skills to be able to better communicate together.  When children are involved, this new uncoupled family must learn how to deal with parenting issues, so that your children can grow and flourish, and you can each be part of their lives without making them uncomfortable.

The Financial Neutral will help you with regards to finances and different options and alternatives for settlement.  Isn’t it better to minimize taxes when support is paid and to maximize each of your available cash?  This is a “win-win” scenario.  The Financial Neutral will also help educate a spouse(s) with regards to budgeting and project different alternatives years out.  Education empowers the person to be able to make decisions, especially when this can be one of the scariest situations to go through.

In Collaborative Divorce, each spouse has their own attorney to be their advocate and help them through the process.  Although it may seem that there are many professionals involved, each comes with their own level of expertise which expedites the process and ensures that the clients have the right tools to move their lives forward in a productive manner.  If you need heart surgery, you’re going to go to a specialist to ensure the best outcome.

Do you want to start a job/divorce and have the settlement agreement completed and think “now what?”  Empower yourself to make the right decision of Collaborative Divorce for you and your family.