Benefits of Mediation


Mediation can be therapeutic in talking about feelings, expressing emotions and tailoring a plan that works for the couple.

Benefits of Mediation:

1.  Costs less than going through a lengthy divorce trial
2.  Tailored to meet family needs rather than dictates by the court
3.  Teaches new communication techniques that can be helpful to avoid future  difficulties…
4.  You have a road map to follow
5.  Opportunity for closure to a relationship
6.  Avoids polarization, both sides are working together on “the same side of the table.”

It is of utmost importance when using a mediator, that the parties get legal counsel. This can be a “behind the scenes" approach. This is a less costly method than going the litigation route, yet worth the added expense for personal counsel. Remember, a mediator cannot take sides. If both parties agree to a settlement, and it is not equitable by any stretch of the imagination, the mediator cannot advise. In addition, when the agreement is brought before the courts to finalize the divorce, the agreement can be thrown out.

In summary, gathering all financial data and having it reviewed for completeness, determining cost basis, and ultimate distribution must be done with the help of a qualified professional. These decisions, are decisions that will have the greatest effect on the health of your financial future.